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There are many ways to beautify your home or office and one of the best ways is by adding a table with a tree to the area. Here’s some great tips to make this project a success!

You want to start by choosing the right tree for your needs. Look at your house, and you’ll see trees everywhere, but there’s nothing wrong with having a tree, just make sure it will fit your furniture, tables, etc. This is where some of your imagination will come into play. You want the tree to be at eye level with all the other pieces of furniture but also have some height so it doesn’t take over the room.

Tree Coffee Table Large Trunk Cypress Slab Stump Round
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Once you have a good tree picked out it’s time to place it in the space. I usually do not use a stand to support the tree when I place it in my home. A table with a tree on it is going to look beautiful in the living room, but that table might not fit in the guest room. Use your judgment. The reason I like to have the tree on the table is because it gives me enough room for the other furniture to be laid out too.

Once you have the tree in place and all the other furniture placed, it’s time to decorate the table and set up the coffee table base. Start by selecting a stain that complements your existing wood color. If you like dark wood you can go with a mahogany stain. If you have light-colored wood you might want to consider going with a walnut stain.

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Add a few accent pillows to give it a warm feeling and then add some rugs, throws, or whatever else you think will enhance the table top. I also like to have a decorative piece on each end to finish off the look. A small vase, glass container, a small bowl, a photo frame, etc.

When you are done, you’re going to want to sand down the table top and the bottom. The purpose of doing this is to give it some shine. This will help to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

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Then, you will want to add a final touch by decorating the table with some wicker or rattan furniture. The purpose of this is to give it that rustic, traditional feel while adding something modern to it that will be used often.

If you use these tips and put your imagination to work, you’ll create a fun-tree coffee table that will help to make your space look cozy and welcoming. It’s also a great way to add some color and character to the space.

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Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune to create a beautiful piece of furniture. You just need a little creativity and a little time. In fact, some of the best-looking furniture can be made from a few items you might already have laying around the house.

Some examples of items you can use to make a unique table include old-fashioned chairs, tables, picture frames, lampshades, or any item you can find. You can even use things around the house as well.

Tree Trunk Coffee Table Stump Round Cypress Slab Large
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The main thing is to know where to start. It can be confusing at first, but once you have some good ideas you’ll be able to get started in no time. Don’t forget that the more time and research you have the better chance you have of creating a wonderful table for your home.

Another great idea is to get your kids involved. Let them pick the design, decide which colors they’d like, and start designing it together.

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