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The smallest bathroom in the house is also the easiest to remodel. Small bathroom is a tiny 35 square feet, yet its tiny size does not really bother me. I have learned how to make even a small room look larger while still reflecting personal interior design style!

When it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle, a little space can go a long way! While living in a condo can make your small space seem as though you are living in a huge apartment, it can make your bathroom seem like the size of your bedroom. The bathroom should reflect the person you are, and what makes you feel comfortable. So many bathrooms these days are overcrowded, messy, or just plain ugly!

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Here are some small apartment bathroom ideas that will make your small space look more spacious and stylish. The first thing you should remember about small bathrooms is that there are some ways you can maximize their space – even if you are only a guest!

A shower curtain is a great idea for bathrooms with smaller spaces. They are easy to hang up and take down, yet they create a professional look that will impress people that walk into your home. A shower curtain helps you showcase your stylish accessories, too. For instance, you can use a beautiful curtain rod, decorative handles, or ornate metal pieces to compliment your furniture and accessories. You can even use a unique pattern, like stripes or geometric shapes.

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Another great idea for small bathrooms is to use a mini-van sink. A van sink is perfect because it creates a more contemporary look while still taking up very little space in your bathroom!

To use a van sink, all you have to do is mount the sink and then install any wall cabinets underneath. This gives you the convenience of having your sink in one place and not having to worry about un-mounting and re-mounting it every time you want to use it. In addition, van sinks are generally easier to clean. than a regular sink. Some van sinks even have soap dishwasher attachment!

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A countertop sink can create a sleek and clean look in small spaces, but you may want to add more than one sink in order to maximize the space! A double sink is an attractive choice for a smaller space because of the visual impact that you create, but it will also save you money on washing dishes!

Some small apartment shower curtain ideas include a large shower curtain that is hung from a curtain rod or a smaller hanging curtain that fits over a mirror so that it frames a mirror on the wall. Another great idea is to have a decorative shower curtain with a bar set that hangs from a rod that is mounted under a wall.

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Wall sconces and mirrors are both great ideas for small bathroom spaces. A small wall sconce provides a dramatic touch, especially if you have a bold piece of artwork or a photo to accent. Mirrors are also a good idea because they can help give your bathroom a classic and elegant look.

A shower curtain, whether it’s a hanging curtain or a double curtain, also gives you the luxury of a decorative piece that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Some people like to have mirrors in their bathrooms, but don’t want to take up space. With a shower curtain, you can decorate your bathroom with several small mirrors and still create a stylish look. Even if you do not use a shower curtain, you can still use other accessories to accent your bathroom and help you make your space look more stylish.

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For instance, you can add some bathroom wall mirrors to help create a more finished look to your room. These mirrors usually come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, so you can coordinate them with the rest of your decor and create a look that’s both elegant and practical. Wall mirrors can also provide you with extra storage space.

There are also many different types of mirrors that you can choose from if you want to create a more modern look in a small bathroom. Mirrors can create the effect of a larger space, because they help you see your entire bathroom at once.

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