Quatrefoil Coffee Table

Carved Quatrefoil Coffee Table Round Uttermost End Gold Eilinora Elinora Clover
Marvelous Carved Quatrefoil Coffee Table Highest Clarity

The Belham Living Renato Quatrefoil Coffee Tables is a very classy, elegant, and unique choice for a beautiful living room centerpiece. The classic cut-out quatrefall designs on both sides lend an open, spacious feel to the overall look of this beautiful table.

This beautiful table is a contemporary take on the traditional square, rectangular tables we are all familiar with. The main design of the table is comprised of four panels. The four top panels are a deep rectangular cutout that provides ample storage space for those who want to store a lot of books, magazines, figurines, and other items. The lower panel is simply a straight cutout that has two rows of five smaller triangular cutouts. The corners of this type of cutout are cut away so that it can be easily folded.

Gold Quatrefoil Coffee Table Eilinora Round Uttermost Elinora Clover End
Stunning Gold Quatrefoil Coffee Table HD

The great thing about this style of table is that it looks good in any room of the house. It can be used to show off an area that is rarely used or a room where the furniture is not of the highest quality. The large open, storage area on the left side makes this a good place to keep your children’s school supplies and books. The books can then be easily tucked away at night, while the other books, magazines, and school supplies are displayed on one side of the table.

To complement the large storage area, this table features several cutout quatrefoils on either side. These small quatrefoils are strategically placed around the open, flat surface that the quatrefoils form to give the table added depth. These cutout quatrefoils add a touch of class to the overall look of the table while providing excellent storage space for a wide variety of items.

Quatrefoil Gold And Glass Coffee Table Clover Eilinora Round Uttermost End
Marvelous Quatrefoil Gold And Glass Coffee Table Highest Clarity

The quatrefoils can come in many different styles. The more traditional ones are typically made of porcelain or glass, although there are also some that are made of wood. This is a popular choice for those who would like to keep a more rustic look to the table.

If you are interested in creating a more modern look to your living room, this is a great option for adding the extra spark and style. You can purchase a black or white version of the table. This would provide a sophisticated look and would still make use of traditional materials to complete the overall look. The black glass that is used on this type of coffee table can be replaced with black porcelain or stained glass. For a look that is truly modern.

Quatrefoil Round Coffee Table End Eilinora Clover Uttermost Elinora Gold
Appealing Quatrefoil Round Coffee Table High Resolution

There are several different styles that can be found to compliment your home, but the most popular is probably the wood-cutout type. Because wood-cutters create a natural and elegant effect with the cut-outs, you will often find them to be more affordable than the ones that are made of glass.

These beautiful wood-cutter quatrefoils have been known to bring out the character in pieces of furniture. They make the perfect accent piece for any home. The rich oak color and the dark chocolate tone make them a wonderful way to decorate any room. Whether you want a contemporary look or something more antique, this is an option to consider.

Quatrefoil Side Coffee Table Elinora Uttermost End Clover Eilinora Gold Round
Breathtaking Quatrefoil Side Coffee Table HD

You can purchase this type of quatrefoil coffee table in many different finishes. The more expensive options often have hand-painted designs on the table. You can often find a wide array of different colors and styles to choose from as well. They often also come in cherry wood finishes.

This type of coffee table is especially popular for those who enjoy antique pieces of furniture. As it provides a classic look that is often quite striking, it is a good choice for anyone who is seeking a traditional look without having to break the bank.

White Quatrefoil Carved Coffee Table Round Eilinora Uttermost End Clover Gold
Appealing White Quatrefoil Carved Coffee Table HD

When shopping for this type of table, there are many things to take into consideration. The main thing is to get one that matches the look that you want for your home. Although the look may be traditional, it can also be customized in many ways so that you can create a look that is specific to your personal style. The more time you put into selecting the table, the better quality it will be.

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