Rattan Laundry Baskets With Lids

Wooden hampers can be found in different sizes and styles. Smaller hampers generally sit on top of a hanger rack while larger hampers sit flush on top of the closet floor. Wooden hampers often come with a top shelf as well. These shelves can be used for hanging pants, shirts, towels, or accessories. They can also be used to hold items like socks, underwear, combs, brushes and even other types of small cleaning supplies.Rattan Laundry Baskets With LidsWicker baskets are another style that has a similar look to wooden hampers. Wicker baskets are made from wood and are very affordable and easy to clean and maintain. A wicker hanger rack can sit on top of your hanger rack to easily display your towels, shirts, and other laundry supplies. They look great and are quite durable. → Original Post.
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