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The first and foremost bathroom vanity is the one which has been the most important part of every house since ages ago. They have an essential role to play in making bathrooms look more beautiful and welcoming. It will make your bathroom look more spacious and tidy.

A bathroom vanity has a number of functions that make it the ideal choice for most homes. It comes with different features which makes it an integral part of any bathroom. The function of this vanity will depend upon the type of bathroom you have. In this article you will be given a brief idea of some of the most popular ones available.

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First and Foremost Bathroom Vanity: This is one of the most common and versatile bathroom vanities available in the market. This one comes with a mirror attached to the cabinet top. This mirror is attached to the top part of the cabinet, which makes it a very versatile vanity unit.

Glass Bathroom Vanity: This one also known as mirrored bathroom vanity is also a type of vanity. It gives the appearance that there is a mirror on the wall in the room. It has a single mirror on its cabinet top, which makes it very easy to clean and maintain the unit.

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Pedestal Bathroom: This vanity is made up of a long piece of furniture and is made up of glass, which stands on a pedestal. Its back is made up of a mirror which gives you an illusion of having a larger bathroom space. The pedestal is the most important part of this vanity unit which allows you to position it anywhere.

Porcelain Bathroom Vanity: This one is perfect if you prefer the look of porcelain rather than the traditional glass. This vanity unit looks good and elegant when placed on top of the sink with the glass attached to it.

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Mirror Wall Vanity: This one will give you the opportunity to decorate the walls of your bathroom with a matching mirror to match the decoration of your walls. If you are looking for a more modern vanity then you will be happy to know that this one is available in a lot of designs and styles. You can even have it custom-made according to your own personal preference.

These are only a few of the types of vanity units available in the market. You can go online to search for other designs and styles of this kind of vanity unit.

When buying the vanity unit, it is important that you take into consideration the size of your bathroom. This way you will know how many mirrors you need to install. Remember that the bigger your bathroom the more mirrors you need to install to cover the walls.

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Remember that you should buy the mirrors in sets. This will make it easier for you to install them and clean them.

For installing the mirrors you will need the brackets which should be attached to the ceiling joists and the mirror base. You should place the mirror in the brackets and the bracket should be fitted above the wall.

Once you have placed the mirror into the brackets you should then attach the brackets to the wall studs. This will make it easier to move the mirror from the wall to the floor of the room. After this you can screw the mirror to the ceiling joists.

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Before you remove the mirror, you will need to ensure that the vanity unit is level with the wall. Otherwise you will have to pull out the screws at each corner so that you can put them back.

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