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If you’re considering a new bathroom vanity, you’ll first need to consider which bathroom sink heights you can afford. Depending on how much floor space is available and what sort of custom fit you’ve chosen, there are many different styles to consider. For example, most standard bathroom sinks can be purchased in three different heights: low, medium, and high.

If you’re looking to meet the ADA’s minimum bathroom sink heights, which are generally 35 inches tall, then your standard bathroom sink height is fine, but if you need to conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADAA) then the rim of your vanity should be no longer than 34 inches above the floor. There must also be room below the surface of your counter top to make sure they are wheelchair accessible.

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Low sink heights are generally the least expensive. These are available in a wide variety of materials, such as stainless steel, cast iron, and wood. These types of sinks come in two standard sizes, either 24 or 27 inches long. In addition to being fairly small, these types of sinks aren’t as functional as those that are higher.

If you need to go above the ADA’s minimums, there are also high sink heights to consider. Typically, these are made of granite, marble, or even stainless steel, and offer much more storage space than their lower counterparts.

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High sinks require that the bathroom sink vanity have at least one level of tiled and should be attached to the wall rather than built into the vanity. This provides additional stability but also means that it can become difficult to clean the countertops.

You don’t necessarily need a standard size sink. You can have a smaller sink mounted over the top of a larger one. The choice will depend on how much floor space you have and whether the floor area is going to be used for storage or for dishes and utensils. {if any. You can purchase a larger sink and attach it to the underside of a smaller vanity unit if you need more counter space.

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If your bathroom vanity is to be a focal point of the room, a high vanity unit can help add a splash of color to your walls and create a more dramatic look. {especially if the vanity is made of crystal, glass. A vanity sink that is too high can make the room feel cramped.

Another factor to think about when choosing a high vanity unit is whether or not the vanity has a handle or pull-out feature so that you can easily reach the vanity. The best way to measure is to sit on the vanity and reach from the floor, then stand behind it with your hands on your hips.

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If the unit does not have the height needed, you can install a short, adjustable height rod that is attached to the top of the vanity. The height rod can be adjusted from the vanity, which makes it easier to decide which bathroom sink height is perfect for you.

There is also a choice between a standard sink height and a custom design. Most manufacturers will build a custom vanity to fit your specifications, so you can get exactly what you want. {or build a vanity that is similar to something that you already have in the house. This is often done by using different veneer on the walls, replacing the existing molding or finishing, and adding decorative hardware.

A custom sink usually requires that you choose a high-quality material to be used for the bathroom vanity. If your bathroom is not finished yet, consider going with a granite or marble sink, which is very durable and beautiful, especially when polished.

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Another consideration when choosing a vanity is whether the vanity is for a single or double vanity. If you have a double vanity, you may be able to purchase a sliding vanity that will allow the vanity to slide down. {or up depending on where it is placed. In some cases, the vanity can even double as a cabinet when you need more storage space.

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